What is a Divan Bed?

What is a Divan Bed?

There are a lot of different beds out there, but divan beds continue to be some of the most popular. Divan beds are ideal if you are looking for a bed and mattress combination, as they come as a pair. They are made from two key parts, a divan bed base and a mattress, and both of these have been specially made with the purpose of a divan bed in mind. Though, there are divan bases that can be purchased separately. The base is made using strong and sturdy wood, which is then covered in a fabric for aesthetic purposes, and placed on castors or wheels. This is so the bed can be moved with ease. Many divan beds have drawers and a headboard. A lot of people opt for a divan bed instead of something a little more modern, as they offer a comfortable night’s sleep and good value for money.

Top Divan Bed Questions Answered

Are Divan Beds Easy to Assemble?

Compared to many other types of bed, divan beds are extremely easy to assemble. They arrive with two base halves, both of which need to be turned over. Then you need to attach the divan legs, before turning the bases the right way up and pushing them together. There are locking clips on either side to secure them. If you have a headboard, you can now attach this using the headboard sockets that will already have been drilled.

Do Divan Beds Come With a Mattress?

Almost all divan beds come with a mattress that has been specially designed, but there are base only divan beds if you already have a mattress. However, most people choose to buy the two as a full set. Divan beds come with a range of mattress options, such as:

Orthopedic: An orthopedic mattress is ideal if you need extra support for your back.

Standard Sprung: This is great if you are looking for a standard, all round mattress. These mattresses have a steel rod edge surrounding the springs, which provides maximum support and sleeping space.

Pocket Sprung: This is a premium option, one that works with your body throughout the night. There’s no need to worry about rolling off or rolling together, as pocket sprung mattresses work alongside Your movement.

Memory Foam: This is a good choice if you are looking for personalised comfort, pressure relief and health circulation. Memory foam is well known for relieving aches, pains and pressure points.

Latex: This is a good option if you want a mattress that distributes body weight evenly to remove pressure points. Due to the eleatic structure, latex mattress relieve aches and pains whilst helping you to get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Are Divan Beds Expensive to Buy?

It’s often a lot cheaper to buy a divan bed and mattress set than buying a bed frame and mattress separately. There are a range of divan beds available, which means that there’s something for most budgets.

How Much Space to Divan Beds Take Up?

If you are worried about space, you will be pleased to know that divan beds take up a lot less space than standard beds of the same size. This is because divan beds are the same width and length as the mattress, as there’s no additional base taking up room. It’s easy to see why divan beds are such a popular choice for small rooms, such as box rooms and guest rooms.

Do Divan Beds Have Storage?

There are a lot of options for adding storage to divan beds, such as adding drawers or ottoman storage. This can help with hiding clutter and clearing away belongings, meaning there’s less reliance on wardrobes. Divan beds are often considered to be a good space saving solution.

Do Divan Beds Come With a Headboard?

Though most divan beds do not come with a headboard as standard, there are always options to add one. You can choose a headboard style and colour to match the bed, and there’s something for everyone. This means that you can add the perfect headboard of your choosing.

Do Divan Beds Have Different Base Options?

As is the case with standard beds, divan beds have a lot of different base options. These base systems work with the mattress and impact the support, firmness and comfort of the bed. There are two main types of base systems for divan beds, a sprung divan base and a platform top base.

Sprung Divan Base: This is a good choice if you want a softer and more cushioned bed. These are made from a built in spring unit and they offer a lot of flexibility.

Platform Top Base: This is the ideal option if you are looking for a lot of support and sturdy base. These are constructed from a wooden frame and a solid top panel.

If you are looking for a bed and mattress package, a divan bed is perfect. There are a lot of divan bed options available, which means that you’ll be able to find a bed and mattress size perfect for even the smallest of rooms.