Tempur Mattress Protector 4’6 Double


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Specifications: Small single is online exclusive only Fully breathable and 100% water resistant Can be tumble dried up to 70°C Surface 100% tencel, membrane 100% polyurethane Machine washable at 60°CIf you have a Memory Foam mattress and need a protector, then our TEMPUR® Fit Mattress Protector is perfect for you. The fitted sheet uses an intelligent membrane which keeps your mattress clean and dry. The sheet consists of natural fibres allowing the mattress to breathe with your body for a healthy night’s sleep. This is essential for a Memory Foam mattress as a normal mattress protector can cause an uncomfortable amount of heat. The TEMPUR Fit Mattress Protector uses the thinnest membrane to have minimal impact on comfort allowing you to gain the full benefit of your luxurious Memory Foam mattress.

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